I offer workshops for women preparing to embark on their journeys into motherhood.  These workshops are half day events for women during their pregnancy.  I create small circles that offer women a more personal exploration of the upcoming motherhood journey.  Please email me for more information about running a workshop for you and a small group - or about joining a workshop listed below.

Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

Conceiving, Nurturing and Birthing the Mother

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A day workshop for mothers-to-be in preparing for the fourth trimester. 

This day will focus on preparing for this significant rite of passage and delve into how Chinese Medicine can help guide us in self care at this important time.

I have written this workshop from the point of view of practitioner and mother.  I have experienced that this area of support is lacking for women at this key time of life.  Following birth there is much (wonderful) emphasis placed on learning how to care for baby and immersing into the world of parenting - yet holding and nurturing women through this deep transition is missing in this culture.

These workshops are an offering to women to reconnect to their maternal roots and for us all to begin to tend to the soil from which the next generation grows.

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rite of passageˌrʌɪt əv ˈpasɪdʒ/

phrase of rite

1.  a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's life, especially birth, the transition from childhood to adulthood, marriage, and death.

"a novel which depicts the state of adolescence and the rites of passage that lead to adulthood"


The next workshops will run in late Summer and Autumn of 2019;

Saturday 21st September

Saturday 2nd November

Cost per place - £65

Please arrive in time to enjoy a cup of tea and settle in.  The days will include tea and some simple nourishing bites.

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My intention for this workshop is to offer a space for women to look inwards during pregnancy as they step into the beginning of the journey into motherhood.

To hold space in reflecting on the close of the phase prior to pregnancy  (for some - the phase of maidenhood).

To explore the paradigm of Chinese Medicine - its understanding of this time energetically and what it offers to us in understanding care in the post-partum phase. 

Begin reflection on the mothering journey to come and how we might be best supported therein.

To offer women a sense of holding, support and guidance at this time of transition to help them best align with their voice within, with their autonomy and with their power.