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preparing for motherhood

It is so that in the UK today that so much is on offer in the way of preparing for birth, but little is on offer by way of preparing ourselves for motherhood. The work I am evolving is with the intention to change this and to offer an approach that begins to place a greater emphasis on preparing a mother to be for MOTHERHOOD.


We are currently living in challenging times. Our planet is under pressure. We are recognizing that we live increasingly busy lives - as a result of which community connected-ness has suffered. We are facing a threat on our earth at the hands of its people. Its not necessarily the most magical era to romanticize motherhood in.

NOW more than ever we are in need of nurturing the newest generations with the care and love needed to enable future generations to thrive with conscious


Mothers are the soil

Mothers, parents - and community are the soil within which we are growing the generations to come. It is not only mothers that require support, encouragement and enabling, it is the the community as a whole. Community that holds the children at its heart. If the community is thriving then the children within it will have a better chance to thrive. We are as nature illustrates. If a plant is not thriving support the landscape that it is growing within so that it can thrive again

nurture the soil, nurture the trees

What do you mean by nourish the soil? Hold, support, enable, stand by, celebrate, witness and